Let it Rain!

After the last two days of non-stop rain, and no end in sight, I can really say I’m feeling at ease about our recent purchase: a new roof.

When budgeting for what projects we’d be focusing on in the first few months, it really, really hurt to find out that our roof was on its last leg. Not that a roof isn’t important, but what’s sexy about a flat roof that you’ll never see? Yeah, you get my point.

Bathrooms, light fixtures, floors, kitchens, heck, even just paint, are things that stand out and make a visible difference. They remind you every day of the progress you’ve made. Not so much with a roof.

But after much deliberation, we bit the bullet and just did it. We may have to give up some pipe dreams for the time being, but at least we’ll be dry at night and not risk potential leaks down the road.

Maybe we’ll have to make it a point to get up on that roof once in a while just to appreciate it.

I can’t say enough good about our roofer, at least, who got his crew to work overtime to get the roof done before the week of rain came. On top of that, he photo documented everything for us. He made the process much less painless than it could have been.

But the good news: the alligator-skinned roof, is no more!

Removing Old Roof

Removing Old Roof

Roof Hatch

Insullation Board

New Roof Hatch

Roof Hatch

Roof Base Sheet

New Metal Edging

New Rubber

Rolling Rubber Roof

Rubber Roof

Installing Rubber

Pipe Flashing

New side flashingTo give us some excitement, at least, we did get a new skylight put into our bathroom, so it’s not all invisible improvements!


And look at all that garbage! Apparently this was only about 1/4 of it.

Roof Garbage

4 thoughts on “Let it Rain!

  1. The roofer IS awesome!!!! How cool he took the pics–obviously quality work–if it were slipshod, there is no way he would have taken them!

  2. Ah yes, the endless heaps of Husky bags. Don’t buy any other brand. Keep up the blogging, it’s so great to be able to look back at all the ups and downs and ideas you used to have before you changed your mind.

  3. Having a beautiful house with a bad roof is like looking perfect while having terminal cancer. You may look great but you won’t last long. This may be some of the smartest money you spend in a renovation. Although decorating is fun and has immediate visual results, Infrastructure is the key to longevity in a house. If you have not done so yet, plan on taking the time to have the plumbing and electrical evaluated.
    I can tell you from experience there are few things worse than installing new carpet only to have a toilet throw up the contents of the sewer due to cast iron pipes which have rusted away.

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