Transforming the Wood Floors

After fixing a lot of the bones of the house, I’ve been so ready to do something that I can actually see every day and that changes the look of the place. And if you remember the look of the floors when we moved in, it was obvious that redoing the floors was an absolute must.

Original Living Room

Living/ Dining Rooms

The main part of the house on the first floor appeared to have floors in pretty good shape. We had red oak in the dining and living room, which apart from some neglect, were fairly sound.

Work begins in living room

The living room after being sanded down.

Sanded Living Room Floor

At some point, there must have been an issue with some really squeaky floors in the dining room. Since everything was just carpeted over, previous owners apparently opted for a cheap fix, instead of a proper one. What ended was a lot of the flooring in the dining room being nailed down… with massive framing nails. This required a lot of prying and wood filler to make it right.

Repaired Dining Room Floor

And if you don’t remember, here’s what the living room/ dining room/ back room looked like when we moved in:

photo (12)And here’s what it looked like after the floors were refinished:

New dining room floor


One of the big, happy surprises we had during our first weekend, was that underneath the horrible old tile in the kitchen were more of the original floors. In the kitchen, we had a yellow pine. While softer and a bit more sensitive than the oak, the transformation is still a huge one.

The floors here had a bit more damage from some spills that apparently happened at some point, and some careless renovations.

New flooring in kitchenThe threshold between the kitchen and dining room, connecting the pine floor to the oak.

kitchen thresholdThe floors after removing the tile:
Cleaned Kitchen FloorAnd the floors after being refinished:

New kitchen floor

The backroom

The backroom still has a big “?” on it as to what purpose it is going to serve exactly. But since it once was an outdoor porch with painted floors, then converted to an interior one, this room needed some major TLC. This room also had no subfloor underneath it, which had a few annoyances.

downstairs vent repair

Floors being repairedThe transformation here is one of the crazier ones. Going from dark gray paint, to beautiful, shined pine.

New dining room floorStairway

The stairway was a big one. Also covered in terrible carpet, we couldn’t wait to get this big focal point shined to it’s original beauty.

The stairs after the carpet was removed:

Original StaircaseAfter being sanded:

Sanded stairwaysThe stairs after being sealed. Sophia is very curious of the new floors but is also still learning how to properly walk on them without slipping.

New staircase and a Sophia

Second Floor Hallway

The biggest issue with the second floor hallway was with the huge heat register. There were loose flooring pieces around it that moved when you walked over them and just plainly looked bad. So some repair was needed.

Repaired Floor VentThe after effects here are pretty amazing.

Upstairs HallwayNew hallway vent

Upstairs Hallway

Master Bedroom

The floors in our room were pretty decent. The biggest problems came in that at some point the walls were painted with a sprayer without covering the floors. Also, there were some holes where old radiators used to be.

Bedroom floorSubstituting some boards in to cover the holes.

Repaired Floors

Bedroom Floor RepairThe finished product:



Spare Bedrooms

The spare bedrooms continued with the trends of the rest of the house, and had the same problems on the addition areas, where the floors were painted and rough.

Repaired Rear FloorsNothing some repair and stain can’t fix, though.

New spare bedroom Backroom in bedroom

As you can see, this was the biggest transformation we’ve completed thus far. And as we’ve now moved in, it’s helping to make the house feel less like a construction site and more like home.

16 thoughts on “Transforming the Wood Floors

  1. What an awesome tranformation…love the wood floors…maybe one day if doll an i are in town we can pop in for a visit! We miss u gabe!
    Again, congrats on the new house and good luck on making it your own! Takes lots of work but worth it! 🙂

  2. This is such a crazy, fun project, boys. You both are totally kicking ass with this! Thank you for keeping us all on the ride with you:) XOXO

  3. So much of these floor problems are ones that I have in my old house. Some I’ve been able to deal with, but others are still waiting to get fixed. Your post here is good, and one that I will refer back to again! Thanks!

  4. Nice job! It is so great that you have the talent to handle this yourselves. By the way, any picture with Sophia in it makes everything look even better 🙂

  5. I LOVE all the floors–but I especially love the staircase!!!!! AND Janice is correct–Sophia is the icing on the cake! Love, Love!

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