Vanishing Walls

**WARNING: This post depicts an unfinished project. No pretty outcome has resulted…yet.**

By the layout of the walls in our first floor, it is pretty clear that people didn’t like to be around each other in the early 20th century. There was no flow between the kitchen, living and dinning rooms. The opening between the living room and dining room is definitely not original and while that was a good attempt at opening up the first floor we knew there was a lot more potential.

And by potential, that means we had to do some demolition!!! And demolition = fun! Look for yourself:

Just knocking down that wall has made a huge difference in the amount of light that shines through to the dining room.

We definitely hit a couple of obstacles, and by all means, a project in this house is not worth talking about if there is not an obstacle. One thing we have to fix before we refinish those walls are the pipes that seem to have unnecessarily taken a turn into our opening. You can see them just above Chris’ sassy pose.


Chris also discovered a pretty creepy message from someone who is probably no longer alive. I have no idea why someone would write “CALL” on this board, but it definitely gives me the hebejebes!


A cool thing that we uncovered, but will unfortunately have to cover back up is the chimney. It measures about 1’x1′ and runs the water heater’s exhaust pipes from the basement to the roof. Maybe at some point in the future we’ll be able permanently expose it again.

photo 4

Well that’s that for now. I’ll follow up on this blog post once this project is complete.

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