It wasn’t only Chris and Gabe that moved into our new house last month. In fact, the creature that will end up spending a lot more time in our house than us is our French Bulldog, Sophia! Here’s a compilation of her experiences at her new home so far. (Don’t miss the bonus video at the end.)

Well first…here’s Sophia almost getting packed while we were moving from the apartment.

Sophia’s First Trip to the House



Sophia’s First Time-Out at the House:

That’s right…she peed shortly after arriving to the house


Sophia Supervising the Moving-In Process

photo 5

A Monkey Riding Sophia (She’s not as amused as we were)


Sophia Sun Bathing

photo (3) IMG_1043

Sophia & Chris Rolling Around on the New Rug


Sophia Being Skanky

IMG_1051 IMG_1055

Sophia Rediscovered Our Old Couch in the Basement


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