No More Weeds!

So I said yesterday, we went a bit crazy in yard work this past weekend.

A little color never hurt anybody, after all. (Actually, I take that back… did you see the carpet when we moved in?)

The new hanging flower baskets

Initially, we were just going to build the raised vegetable garden, add some flowers and call it a day. But once we started leveling out more of the yard, we realized the yard of “grass” that we had, really wasn’t much grass. But lots and lots of weeds.

Goodbye weeds, hello dirt!

We actually tore up our entire yard and left it as dirt field, but at least got some of the flowers in place.

Along the retaining wall, we put in a variety of perennial ground cover to keep it colorful, with fairly little maintenance.

Mulched garden along the retaining wallAnd let’s be honest, there is no better help on a hot day of yard work than a cold beer.

The retaining wall gardennew flowersOnce we put in the front bed, we decided, why not keep going and limit our potential grass area event more? So we added a circular bed as well. Our plan with this is to line the back with brick to make another mini retaining wall, which hopefully will be done this weekend.

Landscaping the corner gardenTo brighten up the raised vegetable garden, we decided to plant some feathery annuals there as well. Plants in front of the raised bedThe landscaped raised bed

Of course, we over bought in plants. So we’re going to have to get creative in squeezing more in down the road.

Our last brightening came from the new hanging flower boxes we put on our porch rail, which makes for a nice welcoming effect. The new porch flower baskets

And here’s the finished product from the weekend.

The front yard

For comparison, again, here’s where we started Saturday afternoon.

Front Yard Before

So I’d say a pretty big change in two days.The end of the weekend status

Now, to figure out what to do with the formerly weedy yard. We’re considering either replanting grass, some other easier ground cover, or some other sort of pavers or landscaping features. Any suggestions?

We got tired of the yard of weeds


5 thoughts on “No More Weeds!

  1. Wow, that same company must have done our carpets. The green is the same, but the other shade is just a bit more pink.

    Why did you decide to go with raised beds? Just soil quality?

    • Such awful, awful carpet! We actually still have the green in our basement, we haven’t gotten around to doing anything down there yet.

      And yeah, soil quality was a big part of it. We had a base of clay basically, and then some soil over top of it. Not knowing what was there before, etc., we wanted to make sure we’d have plenty of nutrients and growing space for all of the things we’re going to plant. Plus it just keeps it all neater.

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