Old to Bold

After a few weeks of painting the living room, dining room and kitchen during weekends and after work, we’ve finally (almost) finished!!! Knowing that the near future holds a major renovation for the dining room and kitchen, we decided we should figure out a way to update our dining room lighting on the cheap.

The goal was to somehow get our brass chandelier to connect the living and dining rooms. And why not choose a bold color from the living room to be that connection? We decided to go with the color of our accent chest, since the pumpkins below are only sitting there temporarily.

TV Stand and Sophia

Accent Chest and Sophia

Ideally, I’d be showing y’all a photo I took before starting the project. Having failed to take said photo, I simply googled: tacky brass chandelier. First image that appeared – a chandelier that is almost identical to ours!

Let's pretend this is a photo I took.

Let’s pretend this is a photo I took

First step was to take down the light fixture. Then disassemble, clean all surfaces, and seal the sockets with painter’s tape. Sound simple? It was.

Disassembled tacky brass chandelier

Disassembled tacky brass chandelier

After a couple of layers from one-and-a-half cans of primed spray paint and some time for it to dry, the parts were ready to be reunited.

Painted and drying

Painted and drying

And finally, the finished piece! A whole new look and only a few dollars. Maybe we’ll cough up a little more cash to get some fancy bulbs.

FullSizeRender (1)

The final product!

2 thoughts on “Old to Bold

  1. I did this for the tacky gold fixtures in a dated bathroom in the house I owned in Alabama. Amazing what a can of spray paint can do!

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