Why? Inspired Art.

When we started this blog, I remember saying that I refused to let it fall into the black hole that is blogs with good intentions. And just like that, I haven’t posted a darn thing in months.

I’m not going to do my usual of promising to do better, but let’s just hope for the best but also prepare for the worst.

That being said, we’ve had some exciting things go down recently. A few weeks back, a good friend came by to do an art piece for us. Scott, does amazing work which we’d seen before, but had no idea how wonderful it’d turn out.

To start we took a look at the big, empty blue wall (and a mess of dog toys.) Living Room beforeIMG_1016


Now came the fun part. For inspiration, Scott asked me to choose a song that he would base the piece off of. While I had to act fast, I went with a perpetual favorite:

Then the fun got underway.

IMG_1022IMG_1024IMG_5722IMG_1025It was an all-day affair, and Scott put a lot into the piece.IMG_1041IMG_1036IMG_1026IMG_5726  After lots of color, we went dark.IMG_1065

Then the fun of the reveal began.   IMG_1061  IMG_1053          Living Room Artwork

And there you have it.IMG_5733

Now, on to getting it framed up, but it’s a damn huge addition to the living room. IMG_5734

If you want an awesome custom piece, you definitely need to talk to Scott.

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