Second Floor Renovations Day 1

Day 1 ended with the beginning of a period of mess.

First up on the big renovation agenda is to replace windows and reinsulate our two guest bedrooms. It’s been interesting to live in a house with no rear insulation over the last 3 years (sorry about that, house guests).

Once demolition continues, we’ll have new, energy-efficient windows as well as properly insulated walls.

The night before demolition:


Office pre-demolition

Library looking into office:Library pre-demolition

Rear of guest room:Guest room pre-demolition 2

Take a breathe and enjoy the last few moments of cleanliness, then….

Let the mess begin!


Library demolished

When we first moved into the house, we found original windows hidden underneath the vinyl siding. We had a temporary fix put in place that closed them up. That fix looks pretty bad from this angle. Library demolished

Tearing out the office ceiling:office demolished

Then into the back of the guest bedroom.Guest room demolished

Getting down to the studs before the windows come out too.Office Demolished

Stay tuned to see how long our patience lasts. Luckily, at least we’re reporting this series of projects from a distance, as we’re paying professionals.

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