Day 2: Gutting the Basement

As the basement demolition continues, we’re still making great progress.. The bathroom is now gone and lots little features have been taken care of. With every wall that comes down, the space seems bigger and bigger.

The thing that continues to astound me in every room we do work, is the ridiculous bulkheads that the previous owner created. Massive bulkheads were made in every single room, usually to cover up something 1/4 the size or less. Glad we’re going to tighten many of those up to make the spaces breathe a bit more and hopefully prevent me from whacking my head when I’m stumbling around the basement.

One thought on “Day 2: Gutting the Basement

  1. Oh my gosh You too are doing so much to that house. It’s going to look beautiful when you’re done. Good luck

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