Kitchen Cont’d: There are holes in the floor.

Did I mention that demolition is gross and living through it isn’t much fun? Shocker, I know.

Right now, there are massive holes on the main level going down to the basement. One of the culprits is that we made a game-time decision to move the cold air return that was taking up way too much space, leaving a big hole that we’ll need to fill.


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Goodbye, Kitchen

Ok, a lot of the projects we’ve been working on thus far haven’t been the most sexy. That’s about to change.

The kitchen is about to be demolished and rebuilt to a big, beautiful thing. But first, we had to get all of our shit out of the kitchen, dining and rear room of the house. We have a lot of things.


I really, really, really am not going to miss this kitchen. Not the pink counter tops. Not the multi-colored cabinets. Not the cabinet shelves that were never secured properly. No, really none of it.

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