Goodbye, Kitchen

Ok, a lot of the projects we’ve been working on thus far haven’t been the most sexy. That’s about to change.

The kitchen is about to be demolished and rebuilt to a big, beautiful thing. But first, we had to get all of our shit out of the kitchen, dining and rear room of the house. We have a lot of things.


I really, really, really am not going to miss this kitchen. Not the pink counter tops. Not the multi-colored cabinets. Not the cabinet shelves that were never secured properly. No, really none of it.


I can’t wait to see the before and after pictures.img_2118

Our back room that we’ve been using as overflow and storage will soon become our dining room.

It’s also so crazy how much larger the house feels when it’s empty. The new kitchen should help add to that too, though, as we add more space and a more open feel.


One thought on “Goodbye, Kitchen

  1. Hi! I am a Trinidad neighbor, and we are looking to do basically the same thing to our house. Are you working with a contractor?

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