Kitchen Cont’d: There are holes in the floor.

Did I mention that demolition is gross and living through it isn’t much fun? Shocker, I know.

Right now, there are massive holes on the main level going down to the basement. One of the culprits is that we made a game-time decision to move the cold air return that was taking up way too much space, leaving a big hole that we’ll need to fill.



The kitchen is also completely gone now, including all of the unnecessary bulkheads and wasted space.img_2178

Looking this direction, where the boxes are in the right, is where our fridge will be located eventually.img_2186

Here’s a view from the basement door looking into the kitchen. Where the middle wall is, is where our huge peninsula is going to be located.img_2198img_2199

Here’s the framing for the new powder room.img_2200

A look at the wall that used to be our entire kitchen. It’ll soon be a huge pantry wall of cabinets.img_2203

A look from the rear of the house looking toward the front, where the new powder room will be located.

Oh and did I mention holes in the floors? The back portion of our house has pine flooring that is different than the rest of the house that’s oak. That, and it used to be an exterior space, so the floor is sloped. So we’re going to be leveling that out and matching it to the oak floors that we have in the rest of the house.img_2204

With no sub flooring to speak of, when we tore our the pine floors, it looks straight down in the basement. img_2205

Eventually we’ll get it all insulated and sealed and the floors will be level and uniform.img_2207

For now, the trick is to not go exploring in the dark and take a 10-foot fall.img_2209

Above is a view from the back of the house, where the dining room will be. We’re going to strip the painted brick to expose it.img_2210


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