Closing up the Basement

Some updates in the basement. Drywall is up and new floors are going in.

We opted for a wood-grain ceramic tile. It’s low maintenance and looks so much better than the emerald green carpet we had to get rid of.


Here’s what the grouted tile looks like, although it’s covered in drywall dust.img_2582

After the grout set, everything got covered up so that the floors wouldn’t get messed up during the rest of the renovations.img_2580

From there, lots of work got going on patching up all of the new, smaller bulkheads, insulating and cleaning up.


We also put our new doors in, that will bring in lots of new light.img_2664

In the laundry room, we closed off the unused door there, to make the space warmer and neater and replaced the original window.img_2586Seeing some semblance of neatness in the house is very welcomed at this point, as living in a pile of mess and dust has not exactly been exciting.img_2661

Once most of the drywall work was done, it was FINALLY time for our kitchen cabinets to get delivered. I’m not going to reveal those yet, but they currently are filling out basement, awaiting their installation.




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