The Main Floor is Getting So Close!

Some of the electrical and plumbing work has taken longer than we had hoped, but things are finally progressing nicely.img_2571

I’m so excited for the new half bath that we are adding to the main floor. It will make entertaining, and our daily lives so much more convenient. It’s closing off the hallway that went from the main door to the kitchen.img_2572

With the relocation, we had to move some ductwork, that, surprise, was taking up way too much space. By rerouting it, we could reclaim a few square feet of space and add the bathroom.


Because of the ductwork, there was a big hole in the floor. a new subfloor patch was created, and it will be covered with hardwood once all of the floors are sanded down.img_2604Here’s the rerouting of the cold air return.img_2669Drywall going into the powder room.img_2675I keep getting caught up in the mess and details, that sometimes, I forget to remember how insane our kitchen is going to be when it’s done. Just looking at all the space now is a pretty good reminder though.

This wall is where the stove and refrigerator will now live. It’s going to be great to have a kitchen hood that actually vents outside instead of our previous one that didn’t vent anywhere.img_2578img_2596img_2668The plumbing in the bottom right is where the sink and dishwasher are going to live on the peninsula. img_2594A look from the powder room to where the peninsula will be.img_2603Right now, our living room is covered in the quarantine plastic to keep out dust. This is the view from the peninsula into the living room.img_2600This wall will soon be drywalled and where floor-ceiling pantry cabinets will reside.img_2602In the new dining room space, we’ll have a buffet area with an additional bar sink that will give us more counter space for entertaining.img_2595img_2676


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