With all of the stressful little decisions that have to constantly be made, I’ve found myself losing sight of an end. But with so much progress now coming together, I can actually start remembering the beautiful cabinets we’ll be installing in the kitchen, the ridiculous appliances and awesome light fixtures that have been collecting dust for the last month.img_2757New floors are in, walls are primed and cabinet installation should be beginning today!Before we get to shining the brick up in the new dining room, we had to fill a few gaps.img_2761img_2777

The walls are all patched up readying color. Speaking of which, we need to make up our minds about colors for the kitchen. We’ve gone so much with the blue/gray route in other parts of the house, so my goal is to come up with a different palate. What color would you choose?img_2762The door to the left is the basement, the one to the right is for the powder room.img_2778img_2780

Next to the stairs, we used to have a hallway leading into the kitchen. To add the powder room, we had to cut it off and leave it as a nook. While we considered taking the wall between our foyer and living room down to open things up more, we really wanted to maintain some original character from the house, so opted to leave it up. img_2787

We had to do some work with the floors, since our previous kitchen and rear part of the main floor had pine floors, while the rest of the house was oak. We wanted to match them as much as possible to retain the character of the 90-year old oak, without massive visible differences.img_2791img_2792img_2797img_2798The new wood looks really nice, even before getting stained. It’ll connect all of the rooms of the house instead of the visible differences in flooring that we used to have.img_2802The line in the middle is where a load-bearing wall once was, separating our old galley kitchen and dining room. The whole center space will now be our kitchen, so having uniform flooring is pretty important.img_2803Feathering in new flooring into the original.img_2804img_2805img_2806img_2807

Some initial stain is now down. While all of the floors throughout the house will get a big sanding and staining near the end of the project, we wanted to get stain down in the places where cabinets will sit, so that the can be placed now. You can tell the cabinet areas based on where the stain is visible right now.img_2809img_2810

This past weekend ended with some real excitement, bringing the cabinets up to the main floor. I’m hoping to get home tonight to find some of the gorgeous Pennsylvania-made cabinets in place and making out house finally start looking livable again.img_2821img_2820

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