We have Kitchen Cabinets

Ok, it took a few more days than I had hoped, but yesterday all of our cabinets got installed. We don’t have to look at all of the boxes thrown about the house either. Well, not the cabinet boxes at least.img_2839

A look at the island and pantry.img_2840

To the left of the island is going to be the dishwasher, sink in the middle, and drawer microwave to the right. (Drawer microwave!!!)img_2841We are going to have so much pantry and storage space in the kitchen. What that means in practice is that I won’t have to keep random kitchen utensils and things in the basement.img_2842A look of the other side of the island toward the stove. One of the things I’m really excited about in the kitchen is the back paneling of the island. I just love this stained wood feature.img_2843

I love the contrast of it. It’s going to look incredible once we get our countertops in too.img_2844img_2845So much storage!img_2846Here’s the bar area in the dining room. We’re going to have a second bar/prep sink and a dual zone wine fridge here!img_2847A look at where the stove and fridge are going to be.img_2848View from the bar area toward the island and powder room.img_2849More island!img_2850The powder room also now has a door. img_2853The kitchen was all about pops of contrast. Including the gray and white cabinets.img_2851The counter tops are going in later this month and we’re inching closer and closer to finalization. So, I know you’ve been waiting as long as we have to see this step. So, what do you think?img_2852

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