Two boys, changing the world during the day, changing 1925 paint color at night and a house in the charming Trinidad neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

Chris used to spend a lot of time blogging about food and travel and things, but, that doesn’t really happen daily anymore. Now he utilizes his midwestern sensibility to pretend things in the big city don’t cost so much.

Gabe grew up with goats and peacocks in his backyard in the Republic of Texas. D.C. zoning doesn’t exactly allow that, so he continues to reminisce.  An aspiring photographer, he makes sure every detail looks more exciting than it is .

Sophia is the queen of it all. She won’t let you forget it.

Most of the time we think we know what we’re doing, but then, well, sometimes we’re just plain guessing. Join us on the adventure, and be jealous of our pink (for now) bath tub.

4 thoughts on “Us

  1. FINALLY!!! MOMMA also has more than a few gray hairs over this house purchase! I am SO GLAD you two are now officially home owners!!!
    LOVE the pic, btw!!!

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