It wasn’t only Chris and Gabe that moved into our new house last month. In fact, the creature that will end up spending a lot more time in our house than us is our French Bulldog, Sophia! Here’s a compilation of her experiences at her new home so far. (Don’t miss the bonus video at the end.)

Well first…here’s Sophia almost getting packed while we were moving from the apartment.

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Vanishing Walls

**WARNING: This post depicts an unfinished project. No pretty outcome has resulted…yet.**

By the layout of the walls in our first floor, it is pretty clear that people didn’t like to be around each other in the early 20th century. There was no flow between the kitchen, living and dinning rooms. The opening between the living room and dining room is definitely not original and while that was a good attempt at opening up the first floor we knew there was a lot more potential.

And by potential, that means we had to do some demolition!!! And demolition = fun! Look for yourself:

Just knocking down that wall has made a huge difference in the amount of light that shines through to the dining room.
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