Weekend One: Changing Up the Floor

When we first saw our house, we both looked at each other, eyes wide, after seeing the … less-than-flattering carpeting covering the entire living space. It wasn’t just that we hated carpet (which we mostly do) but the bright emerald and cranberry colors really got us.  I mean, I love Christmas as much as the next guy, but I can do without it on my floors every day.

photo (12)

So we knew the FIRST thing we had to do once we got the keys was to get it out.

When you move into your own house for the first time, there’s really nothing like tearing, ripping and prying years of filth away. So within minutes of opening the door for the first time, that’s exactly what we did.

It took some time to get through every last tack strip and annoying, misplaced staple in the floor, but then we ended up with this:

Gabe and carpet

Now the DC bulk trash collection date can’t come soon enough.

But, of course, in the spirit of being over-zealous homeowners, we couldn’t stop there.

With a goal of being able to get all of our floors re-sanded and finished before we move in full-time, we figured, why live with the pink and black kitchen tile? After all, we had no idea what was under it, but how could it be any worse? And well, it wasn’t. In fact, it ended up being more of the original hardwood floors that we found throughout the rest of the house.

How to Destroy a Kitchen Floor

1. Survey distasteful tile and sigh in disapproval.


2. Remove appliances to make way for the mess(ier) room.

Original Kitchen Floor

3. Safety first.

Safety First

4. Hack and pry into the tiles and be lucky enough to find just one layer of cement board underneath.

Destroy Floor

5. Have a big pile of mess and determine a way to dispose of it (while breaking your back to move it.)

Kitchen Floor Mess

6. Shop vac (your new best friend!) everything up.

shop vac time!

7. Have an original hardwood floor ready for minor repair and refinishing.

Cleaned Kitchen Floor

One weekend and a couple of projects down, many more to come.

15 thoughts on “Weekend One: Changing Up the Floor

  1. It’s really cool to see the work as it’s being done! A friend of mine and her husband have completely renovated 2 DC homes on their own in the past 10 years! Both turned out beautiful and they just sold their first fixer upper. It was their constant weekend project for a few years on each. It will be worth it 🙂 Continued blessings on making your new house a home!

  2. Wow…those are nice floors under that mess. A little buffing and gloss and they’ll look amazing!!! Congratulations again guys!!!

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